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Shan Shui in Silva Elmete

Shanshui Hua (山水画) is an ancient (11th Century) style of traditional Chinese landscape painting that depicts natural scenes, including mountains, water & waterfalls. more

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End frame: Cattle, Turbine, Pylon by Robin Friend

The inclusion of the wind turbines clearly date stamps the image as post late 20th century, in the same way that the horse and cart in the Hay Wain dates Constables’ painting to the early 19th century. more


Land and Landmarks – Fay Godwin

The overall impression is one of an incredibly passionate, often difficult woman who had an almost tunnel vision approach to the art of promotion of her photography. more


Chris Friel

Chris Friel is a photographer with a wonderful, natural eye - a modern day Faye Godwin perhaps. His photography is instinctive and all the more refreshing for it. more

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