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End frame: Cherokee Autumn Forest by Christopher Burkett

Gevork Mosesi chooses one of his favourite images

Gevork Mosesi

Gevork Mosesi is a family physician and a landscape photographer based in San Diego, California. He has a deep appreciation for the natural world and the environment, this is why he is drawn to landscape photography. This allows him to express and share his appreciation of the North American landscapes though his eyes and the camera.

He uses a 4x5 large format film camera to make his photographs. This format also allows for a slower workflow which makes him more aware of the landscape, giving him full control of the image making process, ultimately avoiding multiple unnecessary digital exposures. This yields a well thought out image. Gevork is constantly exploring new landscapes when he is away from the clinic to fulfil his artistic passion.


I began my photography journey nearly 30 years ago, inspired by the work of Ansel Adams and my love for the deserts of the American Southwest. Over the years, my photography has continuously evolved, transitioning from film to digital and, years later, back to film, from black and white photography to colour, and finally to large format photography with both colour and black and white film, ultimately producing Silver Gelatin prints in the darkroom. In recent years, when photographing in colour, I find myself avoiding grand landscapes with skies and instead focusing more on capturing patterns, colours, and trees.

Art possesses the ability to evoke emotions that often cannot be expressed in words. Photography, in particular, freezes a moment in time with the hope of conveying the photographer's intended emotions to the viewer. One photographer who exemplifies mastery in this art is Christopher Burkett, who has skillfully and patiently been creating photographs for many decades. Often referred to as the colour Ansel Adams of the modern world, Burkett meticulously prints all his work on Cibachrome photographic paper made from 8x10 colour transparencies.

His artistic vision, love of natural beauty, and remarkable technical craftsmanship combine to express the grace, light, and beauty of the natural world. A quote from the artist's own statement captures this essence perfectly: “The miracle of life unfolds before our eyes and is seen in the tapestry of creation. All of our world, each living cell, every stone and drop of water, even the air and light around us, reflects and mirrors the glory and presence of the Creator and calls us to respond with wonder and praise.”

My introduction to Burkett's body of work occurred at a gallery in the town of Carmel-by-the-Sea in Northern California. Viewing his photos in person is a must. Having exclusively used a large format camera for the past 10 years, I can truly appreciate the patience and skills involved in his photographs. If you have ever made an exposure in the woodland using a large format camera, you understand that it often requires an exposure time ranging from four to forty seconds! This challenge is further compounded by the movement of leaves caused by the slightest breeze. A woodland scene can genuinely test one's patience and skills.

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