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Lsxii 161


The series LS XII, shot in the Puna plateau between Argentina and Bolivia, came together as many things in life: a compromise. I use a 4x4 to travel around; while on a project more


The Land of the Fire Mountains

Unsure as to whether this was going to be an article about a location guide, photographic inspiration or “what’s in my bag”; I decided to make it about all three! Consequently, it’s quite lengthy but I do split it broadly into those areas if you feel like dipping into one aspect first, although I do think it reads better top to bottom. For information, I did write a little about this location previously on my own website blog after more


A Landscape for the Imagination – AF & DJ Unsworth

The book is a self published, no compromises effort. The oversize format added considerably to the cost but Angie and David were insistent upon giving the pictures the room to breathe on the page. more


Tristan Campbell

Tristan Campbell is a photographer whose work stood out for me when I started working with the camera. more


The Art of Slowing Down

Could it be that the very things that make digital capture so appealing also inhibit the creative process of image making? more

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