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End frame: Sea Mist, Iceland by Tim Rudman

Many excellent photographers have developed compelling bodies of work with Iceland as the sources of their inspiration. But the work I keep returning to is that of the master monochrome printer, Tim Rudman. more


“Iceland – An Uneasy Calm” by Tim Rudman

In issue 112 we had an interview with Tim Rudman about his Iceland exhibition and book and promised to have a review of the book in the following issue. Hopefully, you’ll forgive us for being a little late on this but the good news is that it’s worth the wait! I think Tim will agree with me if I say he’s something of a perfectionist. And when a perfectionist collides with the world of book publishing, there will undoubtedly be more


Tim Rudman – Iceland Exhibition

Last year I was contacted by Tim Rudman about scanning some darkroom prints for a book project he had in mind. I owned a couple of books by Tim and also had seen some of his work on his website and so was quite intrigued by the project. more

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