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    on Distant Horizons

    It must have been rather fab to research this, and it's terrific to encounter artists involved in the genre.

    - milouvision, 11:20 16th Jun

    on Camera Survey

    It might be interesting to see how the votes would stack if you asked in three months to repeat the survey, I for one missed the original request. It's a very interesting survey and nice to see that Pentax still have such a large following, likewise the medium and large format categories, [...]

    - Douglas Salteri, 08:54 16th Jun

    on Is Adobe Creative Cloud Bad For Photographers?

    Great article Paul! I hope Adobe will continue to develop Photoshop with new features for photographers. I would love some new adjustment layers, how about midtone contrast (a.k.a clarity)?

    - Magnus Lindbom, 07:32 16th Jun
Category Archives: Equipment Reviews

Mirex adapter for Canon EOS to Sony ‘E’ Mount

Our recent article on the Mirex adapters from Germany sparked a lot of interest with the opportunity to mount medium format lenses on Nikon or Canon SLR cameras. In a little advertised move (you wont find it on the Mirex   [ read ]


Graduated Filters in the Digital Age

Like many landscape photographers coming from a film background the use of graduated ND filters was second nature and the only way to shoot transparency film. To squash a dynamic range involving foreground and sky into 3.4 stops you get   [ read ]

DSCF8914_Tunnel view

Linhof Tripod Heads

It is a well-known code among artists and photographers (of a certain age) that striving for perfection is a pretty pointless, hopeless and ultimately futile exercise. Indeed it is cautioned against in many cultures, for perfection is ‘the exclusive domain   [ read ]


Sony A7R – Field Report

Sony A7R – Short Term Field Review Like all of us who shoot colour 5×4 it has become very likely that film or processing will disappear over the next few years or become prohibitively expensive. I have been looking at   [ read ]


Small Camera – Big Pictures

Not since the details first leaked of the Nikon D800 has there been a camera that has generated this much pre-release ‘web’ debate, speculation and hyperbole. Expectations from the diminutive Sony A7R (and A7) are high, possibly too high. Would   [ read ]


D4 Tripod Head

A while back, Dave Tolcher reviewed the then quite new Arca Swiss d4 geared head. This report picks up where he left off and rounds out his observations with some solid experience gleaned over the past 18 months of using   [ read ]

As above but with no processing or crop, and showing 'hotspot'.

Phase One IQ260 and IQ260 Achromatic Backs

A Little Joke There’s an old photographers’ gag with a great moral for my field test of the IQ260 and IQ260 Achro backs from Phase One. A Time Life photographer is sent to cover a huge bush fire. His instructions   [ read ]


Camera Survey

Just over a month ago we asked our readers to tell us what cameras they used for their landscape photography and we had a great response. We’ve spent a bit of time analysing the results (my programming skills come in   [ read ]


Plustek Opticfilm 120

In the world of scanning there are three categories: the flatbed, the dedicted film scanner and the drum scanner. In recent years the only ‘pro’ scanner that you could buy new at a reasonable cost was the Epson V750: a   [ read ]


Chamonix 045F1

Intro For many years a couple of Ebony models ruled the roost when it came to the top level of luxury in 5×4 field cameras. The two Ebony models bearing the magic designation of “U”, the 45SU and SV45U, were   [ read ]


Schneider PC-TS Makro-Symmar 4.5/90 HM

With the rise in camera megapixels we inevitably begin to see the effects of diffraction as our prints get bigger and bigger. Many photographers have started to use techniques such as focus stacking to get the sorts of depth of   [ read ]


H3D39 vs D800 Quality

The world of medium format digital cameras systems is one that is typically associated with either very hard working professionals or well heeled amateurs (or well heeled lazy professionals I suppose). However as the the earlier generations of these cameras   [ read ]


H3D39 System Possibilities

OK so we’ve looked at the Hasselblad from just an image viewpoint but what else should we be thinking? Well in my opinion there are a few extra aspects of the Hasselblad system that are worth bearing in mind. The   [ read ]


H3D39 vs D800 Usability

It is interesting to point out that if you visit out the ‘Medium Format digital’ section on Getdpi.com you will see it is subtitled with the Dante quote “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.” The words ‘crippling depreciation’ are   [ read ]

Fuji GSW690III on tripod

Fuji GSW690III

Over the 25 years or so that I’ve been interested in landscape photography, I’ve used and experimented with many different types and formats of cameras. In the ‘film only days’ I used 35mm,120 medium format in 6×4.5, 6×6, 6×7 and   [ read ]

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