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Judge Dread

What Makes a Good/Bad Photography Judge

We were chatting with Stephen Byard who judges in clubs in the North of England and into Southern Scotland and were interested in what he thought judging was about to give us an inside track. Here was his response.. 

In the aftermath of the furore of the 2012 Landscape Photographer of the Year, with other landscape photographers posting me their thoughts and questions on the winner, and the, er, second winner, an interesting one ticker-taped its way into my day from Tim Parkin.

“What do you think makes a good or bad photography judge”?
On first thoughts Tim’s enquiry seemed simple enough, but with the answer to be published as an article, I found myself drifting off brief a little and thinking about attributes we all would recommend in a good judge. Of course, the more I went down this route, the more difficult it became for me to find answers that suit us all. O.K., this is not helping to create a definitive answer, so what next? Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Think… A second question springs to mind.

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