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Get organised!

A guide to structuring your image archive

Julian Barkway

Julian Barkway

Iam what can best be described as an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I try not to follow fashion or trends and I’m never happier than shooting with my 5x4 camera on good old sheet film. The intimate landscape is what interests me which is, perhaps, surprising given that I have been based in Switzerland for a number of years. My favoured habitat is the bottom of a rocky gorge but I do occasionally emerge to shoot the bigger vista. And I do occasionally shoot digital - but shhh, don’t tell anyone! website

A common problem that people encounter once they have been using their digital cameras for any length of time is how best to store and organise the sheer number of images they are producing. After a while, the sort of structure that grows organically with the enthusiasm for photography becomes difficult to handle. What seemed logical to begin with quickly starts to get confusing and can cause more problems than it solves.

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