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David Driman, Jon Wyatt, Scott Walton & Stephen Hutchins

David Driman

I live in London, Ontario, Canada and am a hobbyist photographer, and a pathologist by profession. I enjoy landscape photography in all its variations, attempting to gravitate toward the simple and abstract. 


Jon Wyatt

Jon Wyatt is a Cornwall–based photographer working on documentary landscape projects concerning environmental issues and landscape iconography. 


Scott Walton

I love wandering the trails in canyons, forests or deserts; discovering where the paths might lead and what visual treasures await my eyes and camera.


Stephen Hutchins

The common thread in my life has been photography. My interest has waxed and waned and reached its present level only with the arrival of digital cameras, when the ability to process and control images myself offered new creative opportunities.

I am over 60 years old, married with four children and split my time between Brussels and Sweden. Whenever family and other commitments allow, I will travel with my cameras, nearly always to the north of Europe and to the islands of the Arctic. Landscapes have been my passion from the earliest days and, apart from family portraits, it is rare for me to include people in my images.


Our 4x4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers, each consisting of four images related in some way. If you would like to submit your own 4x4 portfolio please visit this page for submission information.

David Driman

Lines and Curves


While I enjoy looking at a variety of photographic styles, landscape photography is where I’m most comfortable as a practising photographer. Over the years I’ve found myself moving away from what I might call documentary landscape photography to less obvious views, dominated more by lines, curves and shapes.

These seem to hold interest for me at the moment, but I expect this will change. Up until about a year ago I never had a single black and white image in “my portfolio” (i.e. on my computer) but I’ve started converting a few images to black and white and recently, have even caught myself shooting images with that intention...

On a recent trip to Death Valley with a good friend and fellow photographer, I particularly enjoyed photographing the dunes with the never-ending possibilities for abstract composition – especially highlighting lines and curves, and subtle forms. Not even an ultra-close encounter with a sidewinder rattlesnake (image not shown) could dampen our enthusiasm for those dunes, especially around sunrise and sunset when the shadows are at their best. 


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