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Charles Twist Interview

Charles has carved out a niche with his excellent alternative process landscape pictures of the Moors

Charles Twist

Saltburn based photographer Charles uses traditional methods to create his personal images. After many years shooting large format slide film, he has now revisited the reversal processing of paper-based emulsions for his own enjoyment and for his portrait business.

Can you tell me a little bit about where the exhibition started from because I know that you have been interested in large format photography for a long time, and specifically the use of old lenses, by which I probably mean pre-1920’s, and old techniques, which you have become interested in I think more over the last few years.

It’s the old greasy slope and curiosity killed the cat type problem.  I started off as a 35mm photographer on film – I’ve never really used digital much at all. I was very disappointed in my photographs in 35mm, not because of the composition or the lighting or anything that I was doing, but because the lens was producing pictures that simply weren’t sharp enough.  Then I happened upon a book by Joe Cornish, whom we all know…


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