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End Frame – Porch, Provincetown, 1977 by Joel Meyerowitz

Julian Barkway discusses one of his favourite images

Julian Barkway

Julian Barkway

Iam what can best be described as an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I try not to follow fashion or trends and I’m never happier than shooting with my 5x4 camera on good old sheet film. The intimate landscape is what interests me which is, perhaps, surprising given that I have been based in Switzerland for a number of years. My favoured habitat is the bottom of a rocky gorge but I do occasionally emerge to shoot the bigger vista. And I do occasionally shoot digital - but shhh, don’t tell anyone! website

When I was asked to contribute to ‘End Frame’ I readily accepted, thinking what could be easier than writing about a favourite photograph? Then I started to think about which photographer to pick, and exactly which image, and the problems suddenly seemed to multiply. Who do I consider my favourite photographers? How can I possibly pick a favourite image from so many? I can easily reel off the names of a good couple of dozen photographers whose imagery I particularly enjoy and who have had an influence on the evolution of my own photography. Taking away some people about whom much has already been written still left a pretty long shortlist. Who to pick….?    The American photographer Joel Meyerowitz might seem a strange choice to write about in a magazine devoted to landscape photography -  having made his name in the 60s and 70s shooting fast on the streets of his native New York.

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