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Emmanuel Boitier, Nils Karlson, Paul Richards & Raffaele Infante.

Emmanuel Boitier

Freelance photographer, Emmanuel Boitier collaborates regularly with numerous titles of the press magazine in France and also abroad. His pictures were awarded in numerous international contests.


Nils Karlson

Nils Karlson lives in Germany and is all passionate about colour and light. And dogs. His works have been included in solo and group exhibitions in Bochum, St. Louis, and Vilassar de Dalt, and published in the Film Shooters Collective book “NSEW“, “The f/D Book of Pinhole“.


Dr Paul Richards

Paul Richards. Former (or failed?) research scientist with a lifelong passion for nature and art. Been taking photographs for many years and constantly learning and making mistakes. Lives in Berkshire with my wife, two kids and springer spaniel.

Raffaele Infante

I am a dedicated photographer of meaningful landscapes located in southern Italy, and I'm especially bent on finding the hidden, least-beaten paths in my surroundings. Situated at the very centre of the Mediterranean, most of these locations tremble with ancient history, places of wild allure that are scarcely documented. As a buddhist, i also try to exercise awareness through photography, using it as a tool to dispel illusions, make examples and - ultimately - find serenity through imagery; a thing i like to call “Dhamma photography”.

Our 4x4 feature is a set of four mini portfolios from our subscribers, each consisting of four images related in some way.

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Emmanuel Boitier

Celestial mountains



The cut and grand landscapes of the celestial mountains of Huang Shan constituted (and still constitute) one of the epicenters, otherwise the epicenter, of the Chinese art. Since millenniums, they were immortalized by generations of painters and poets. To walk on these mythical slopes was a dream for me. Keen on Asian art, it is the spirit full of prints, mists and vertiginous peaks, that I arrived, one day of February, at the foot of these sacred mountains…

NB. The whole series is available here: http://www.emmari.net/album/huang-shan



Nils Karlson

Listening To Shadows



As a part of my Horizontotality series, these photos emerged during a late evening at the shore of Brittany at Pointe De La Torche. The ocean was packed with surfers, and to avoid these showing up in my photos, i decided to use intentional camera movements. I braced my camera at my chest, and let the breathing control the movement. During the exposure i tend to close my eyes and just listen.



Paul Richards

Into the Light.



These four images connect in both light and location. They were all taken in a small parish in Berkshire since we moved here 18 months ago. Finchampstead has managed to, partially, escape in insidious sprawl of the London commuter belt, retaining country parks, National Trust woodlands, nature reserves and an SSSI.

Connections are also formed with a landscape shaped by people: areas of lowland heath created by over-farming 4000 years ago, remnants of Windsor Great Forest, a royal playground and the pressures of urbanization. Through taking photographs I have also discovered a connection of fondness people have for the parish and its ‘breathing spaces’.

Photographically the images are connected by light. Learning how a landscape evolves through the seasons, times of day and weather condition. All these images are shot with a low sun and mist softening the harsh contrast. It something I have been exploring when conditions are favourable. I love the way it renders the local landscape and is a way of working within the confines of a compact and wooded area. Most importantly, for me it is a way of thinking about my surroundings and exploring in all conditions and lighting and getting outside and ‘trying stuff.’



Raffaele Infante




The place in the pictures is located in a protected, remote area on the coastline of southern Campania, Italy. "Leukosia", the mythical name of one the sirens that tried to lure Ulysses' ships to their doom, gives the place its name as of today ("Punta Licosa" tr. "Leukosia Point").

A few spots in the Mediterranean call themselves the home of legendary Leukosia, and fewer can actually give the idea of an enticing shore leading to a shipwreck as this one.

The place is wild as much as it's beautiful, with a thick, dark wood of maritime pines on one side, and the pointy rocks surfacing from shallow waters on the other. Be it truth or legend, it is one of the places where i spent my early youth, and i've never felt like a stranded sailor; to an outsider though, the scent of the pines and the daily warmth of the waters will give way to very different sensations when night starts approaching.

The images presented here are absolutely intertwined, since the jagged shores of the Siren would not be what they are without the red frame of the trees, which are constantly shaped or abused by the strength of the sea winds. It is a blurred line of coexistence between land and sea that at certain times, will make one pause wondering whether a legendary sea creature actually lived there, where raw beauty conceals a sense of disorientation or danger for those who are not familiar with it.


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