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Dorin Bofan

Dorin Bofan is a professional photographer specializing in the field of nature and landscape photography. He co-authored the book “Why Photography?” and he organizes nature photo tours all across Europe. His photographs and articles have been published in National Geographic (RO), National Geographic Traveller (RO), Photo Magazine (RO), Foto-Video (RO), GDT Forum Naturfotografie (DE) and whytake.net


Reinhold Messner is widely regarded as the greatest mountaineer of all time. He was the first person to climb all 14 peaks above 8.000 metres without supplemental oxygen. He was an adventurer in the true sense of the word, setting foot for the first time in one of the harshest environments on earth. But Messner wasn't a photographer. So you're probably wondering why on earth I'm talking about him.

In an interview with National Geographic, Messner said something that I found to be true for the world of landscape and nature photography too, not only for the climbing one. After his successful attempts and of others like him, the climbing of world's highest peaks took a commercial turn. Climbers turned guides would bring clients to the Himalayas. They had money, the latest equipment, and they were somewhat fit and goal oriented. But they lacked two important incentives that set them apart from people like Messner: experience and authenticity.


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