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Paul Moon

Paul Moon

Paul Moon is a landscape photographer from East Yorkshire and has spent 18 years documenting the Yorkshire Wolds - the UK's most northerly mainland chalk upland. It is known for its steep sided dry chalk dales which spread for miles throughout the area.


Over the years of photographing my local landscape I’ve witnessed some wonderful natural displays. I’ve often stumbled upon swathes of wild flowers and grasses but my favourite time of year is around the middle of May when the hawthorn trees and bushes fill with white blossom.


Dug Dale

The hawthorn is a native species of Northern Europe and before the invention of barbed wire it was used extensively for hedging fields. Many of the mature hawthorns forming rows around my area are the remnants of these ancient hedges. Its sharp thorns make it virtually impossible to graze and its dark red energy-rich berries are ideal for birds to gorge on before winter. The birds inevitably sow seeds making it an invasive scrub plant. If left unchecked it can overtake areas of land destroying diverse habitats.

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