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Endframe: Afterlight, Eigg by Richard Childs

Guy Richardson talks about one of his favourite images

Guy Richardson

Landscape and Time-lapse of Cornwall photographer with a love for Dartmoor and Mountains of Scotland and Wales.


Whilst only in my second year of photography I went on a family holiday to the west coast of Scotland, my first visit I might add. Still quite wet behind the ears and having just passed my driving test, I relished the challenge of driving all that way. Little did I know that the trip from the South West to Scotland would become a familiar routine in years to come.

Photographically, I had a really successful and enjoyable time, probably because I was very lucky with the weather. One morning we visited Oban. I was lost in my new world of photography and stumbled across a gallery on the high street. Without hesitation, I rushed inside and was blown away, not only by the quality of work, but the compositions and sheer volume of images, all of which had a particular style and romance. At the time, I was living in Cornwall and had a real soft spot for seascapes, which peppered the gallery. Yet, the one image that struck me was one very large print, hung at eye level on the wall as I walked in. The detail in the image was astonishing. It had subtle colours, a pin sharp focus and a composition that pulled you into the image. I could have stared at it for hours. Ever since stepping into Richard Child’s gallery, I’ve been a huge fan of his work. To pick one favourite image is an impossible task. Yet, when I was asked by On Landscape to contribute my favourite image, this particular memory sprung to mind.

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