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It Takes Two

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Colleen Miniuk

Colleen Miniuk fled the grey cubicle walls at Intel Corporation in 2007 to pursue a fulfilling full-time outdoor photography and writing career. Her credits include National Geographic calendars, Arizona Highways, AAA Via, National Parks Traveler, and a broad variety of other publications. She has served three times as an Artist-in-Residence with Acadia National Park.

Colleen is putting the final touches on her next book, Going with the Flow, a part-memoir, part adventure travel story on how she paddled her way out of adversity and into happiness on Lake Powell and the Colorado River.”


It was 4:30 a. m. I could barely see through the fog, which appeared from a hazy combination of a dark, frosty night on a long, straight road and my standard early morning daze. As I sipped my steamy Earl Grey tea, the only thought crossing my mind at this indecent hour was, “Where should I photograph the sunrise?”

As I made my way to Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine, I had an hour and a half to ponder such a challenging question, one that offered seemingly countless right answers. I know the park intimately, like a mother knows her own child, having spent over 300 days in the past six years exploring her forests, mountains, and coasts (thanks to serving three stints as an artist-in-residence, leading multiple photography workshops, and spending as much personal time as possible there). Despite living in Arizona, Acadia feels like a second home to me. No matter where my wanderings lead me, the park never disappoints.

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