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Kay Hathway

Kay Hathway

I have long been an opportunistic photographer. Now, with my photographic direction reasonably well defined, I have embarked on a more serious image making adventure.   I have photographed in the Arctic, Scandinavia, Europe, Bhutan, New Zealand and in various locations in Australia. Very much preferring to work in monochrome, I am currently aiming to produce more creative pieces that may be more interpretive of the sights I see, and to explore abstract image making.


I made these four images on my son-in-law’s farm near the Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. This land is in a climatically well endowed part of Australia, and as always, water forms and defines the landscape. The various types of waterways and the life they support is endlessly interesting.

Ducklings making their first little “quacks” amongst the grasses around a waterhole; a handmade footbridge over a tributary creek; rocks making interesting splash patterns after being hurled into the water; the river rushing to its eventual destination in the sea. At any time, cattle might arrive and, seeking water, change these scenes so they are never the same again.

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