Kay Hathway

About Kay Hathway

I have always been an opportunistic photographer but not until the last few years, have I been able to take photography as seriously as I should have, much earlier.

I live in Sydney and have photographed widely in Australia, especially in outback and beach locations, both of which I love. In the last few years, my travels have also taken my camera and I to many other parts of the World and I have undertaken a number of workshops with Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford in the South Island of New Zealand.

I like making multi exposure images and when working on intentional camera movement I often confuses onlookers. I prefer to make softer monochrome and black and white works. Printing is an important part of my image making process and my prints are often the basis for encaustic pieces and hand made books.


End frame: Headland by Jackie Ranken

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