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Angela Chalmers

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Angela Chalmers

I am a photographer and painter living and working in North Yorkshire. My art training began in London and I graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the University of Hull. I have exhibited in London, New York and Sweden. My work is held in private collections worldwide.


Michéla Griffith

My images combine an early love of drawing and painting with a long-standing passion for photographing the landscape. An important part of my portfolio continues to be about the interaction between water and light in, but I’m also experimenting with movement on land and even my own progress on foot through the landscape. Facebook Flickr


Angela Chalmers is a visual artist based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, who uses painting, printmaking and photography to explore the themes that interest her. I spotted her beautiful “Botanicals” - created using the cyanotype method - in this year’s North Yorkshire Open Studios guide; she has also recently exhibited with husband David Chalmers at the Joe Cornish Galleries and led two workshops there.

Can you tell readers a little about yourself – your education, early interests and career – and the places in which you grew up and now live?

My journey begins in the pottery district of Stoke-on-Trent. When I was born my mother was employed as a fine china lithographic artist. As a young girl, I remember her explaining how floral patterns were created on the side of teacups. My father served in the RAF during the 1950s and was a keen amateur photographer.

His work brought the family to the Yorkshire coast when I was four years old. This is where I attended school and college and also where I first experienced a photographic darkroom. I studied Fashion and Textiles and one of our photography assignments was to shoot clothing using studio lighting. One of my fellow students arrived with a black Victorian dress, cape and bonnet. I jumped at the chance to model the outfit. Little did I know that this would be the start of my love affair with ‘Victoriana’. 

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