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Community Talks from Conference 2016

Karen Thurman, Thomas Peck, Alastair Ross & Colin Bell

Karen Thurman

Born in London, England, I am an emerging photographer whose work captures the magic to be found in the natural world around us. Although I spent my formative years in the concrete jungles of the Far East, I have always been fascinated by landscapes, especially forests, woodlands and the streams that run through them. I use my art to encourage environmental protection. I work in large format black & white, developing and printing my work in my darkroom.


Alastair Ross

Landscape photographer based in Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District in England. I tend towards landscape, environmental and nature photography. The Peak District, Scotland and especially the Outer Hebrides of Scotland are all places that I love to photograph when I get the opportunity. Also enjoys whisky and campervans.


Colin Bell

Ex video game maker, now a company advisor in the digital & creative sector and landscape photographer.


Thomas Peck

The real pleasure of photography is that it forces me to slow down and really look. That’s never easy in our rushed world, so a chance to stop, look and see is truly valuable.


At the conference in 2016, we ran two series of Community Talks over the lunch period.

A lightning talk is a very short presentation lasting only a few minutes. Over the lunchtime, on the Saturday and Sunday, we invited our community of photographers to talk about a project they are working on or an idea.

Our host for the talks David Ward, introduces each of the speakers and if they run over the 10 minutes.....watch out for the nerf gun!

Karen Thurman

Despite (or maybe because of) spending her formative years in the concrete jungles of the Far East, large format black & white landscape photographer Karen Thurman fell profoundly in love with Mother Nature and now uses photography to encourage people towards reverence for her.

Inveterate nomad and camper, Karen is most likely to be found in one of two places: in her tent or in her beloved darkroom developing and printing images of the forests and woodlands that are so magical to her. Read our interview with Karen or visit her website.

From Seed to Show

Karen talked about getting a photographic project from a germ of an idea to an exhibition.

Thomas Peck

Tom Peck is an amateur photographer who’s getting more and more serious about his passion. He writes about photography for magazines (onlandscape.co.uk, Black & White Photography, AP, Shoot) and leads workshops in Yorkshire and the US with aspect2i.  Visit his websites www.thomaspeck.wordpress.com  and  www.thomaspeckphotography.com

Utah Rocks!

The American West is a photographer’s mecca, especially Utah and Arizona with their canyons both Grand and Intimate. A land of iconic vistas, but a risk of photographic cliché. So how do you search for your own point of view? Is it possible to develop a vision as well as technique while on a landscape workshop? Here’s what I learned when I swapped being a landscape workshop attendee for leading the workshop myself.

Alastair Ross

Alastair is a non-award winning photographer based in Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District in England.  I tend towards landscape, environmental and nature photography in what I do, but have been known from time to time to dabble in street photography.  Visit Alastair's website. Alastair is also a contributor to On Landscape.

Ties to the Land

Using pinhole cameras and film I explore humanity's relationship with the land and how it has used the land. Humanity has always used the land to his own ends and he has left evidence of that across the millennia from the subtle to wholesale reforming of the land.

Colin Bell

Colin is first and foremost a lover of the landscape and in particular, the Lake District, being a regular visitor over 30 years.

The inspiration for Colin’s photography derives from his connection with the landscape itself, a photographer of the ‘place’ more than the ‘location’. His work at Thirlmere, Delamere Forest and Holme Fell reveals the developing narrative of the land and how nature strives to meliorate the open wounds left by our intervention.

Seeing beyond the obvious is important to Colin and so he allows repetition of visits and the passing of time to reveal both the intimate and wider scenes that are typical of his photography. Visit Colin's website.

What’s the Story?

Colin will be using his work from Holme Fell, Thirlmere and Delamere Forest to talk about how the landscape reveals the narrative of its history and regeneration. He will talk about how to create photographs that embrace imperfection and reflect the sense of place and not just a location.

Community Talks Green Room Discussion

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