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End Frame: Chopped Tree, Nr Bradbourne, Derbyshire by Fay Godwin

Andrew Herbert chooses one of his favourite images

Andrew Herbert

I am an enthusiastic amateur landscape photographer , love being outdoors which is Far removed from my job running a tyre centre on an industrial estate in south London I love the smaller details of a Landscape and am drawn to how nature interacts with the Man made world, I dabble a little in film which is an area I would like to continue to explore.

Like many who have been asked before I was surprised and excited to be asked to submit a favourite image for End Frame, I thought “yep, I can do that “ but then the reality of having to pick a favourite from all those stunning images I see every day on Facebook or Instagram and from those giants of the photography world whose books and websites I am constantly looking though started to dawn on me.

I decided to start with my book collection , I had already taken a small selection off the shelf to read over the August bank holiday while relaxing in the garden with a glass of wine or two Fay Godwin “ Land “, Shinzo Maeda “ Kamikochi“, Jan Tove “ Speglingar “ David Ward’s “ Landscape Beyond “ and “ Yubi “ by Denis and Freda Hocking, so I took these to work with me to have a quick scan through and make a shortlist of possibilities, trouble is I kept remembering other gems at home, the shortlist was going to be anything but short!

I would have to be strict with myself and find an image from the books I had with me, so I chose an image from a book that seems to spend more time on the bookshelf than on it, Fay Godwin’s “ Land “, it constantly inspires and reminds me that the everyday, dare I say ordinary scene can make for stunning images, but only if you have the eye to recognise their potential and the skills to compose all the elements into a photograph that holds the viewers attention and Fay had both in spades. 

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