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Michael E Gordon

Featured Photographer

Michael Gordon

Professional photographic artist, educator, and activist specialising in monochromatic impressions of the California desert.


Michéla Griffith

My images combine an early love of drawing and painting with a long-standing passion for photographing the landscape. An important part of my portfolio continues to be about the interaction between water and light in, but I’m also experimenting with movement on land and even my own progress on foot through the landscape. Facebook Flickr


Michael has previously written eloquently about "Before the Storm" by Edward S. Curtis for End Frame. A passionate conservationist ready to speak out in support of his beliefs, Michael is especially drawn to the desert. He has observed that "There is no bleak, only beauty" and his images are an excellent reminder that we should all be true to our own definition of beauty, whatever it may be.

Would you like to tell readers a little about yourself and how the places that you have lived in have shaped you?

I was born in Los Angeles nearly a half-century ago and still reside in the metropolis. I'm often reluctant to admit this because it seems at odds with the lifestyle I lead. Although my home resides in a coastal city, my mind and soul live forever in the wild. Traffic congestion and millions of neighbors can be a challenge to anybody's sanity, but this is contrasted by hundreds of miles of incredible coastline; a number of incredibly beautiful National and State Parks; one of the world's most stunning mountain ranges (Sierra Nevada), and the world's most remarkable desert: The Mojave. All of it within a few hours of my home, and all places that have shaped my life, my values, and my art.

Your involvement in conservation pre-dates your interest in photography. How did this start and was there any particular place or issue that first engaged you?


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  • So well stated. Great interview, Michael and Michéla!

  • Rafael Rojas

    Fantastic interview… a great photographer and human being is what passes through here. Hope to meet you soon Michael… any hope to see you around Moab this year for the symposium? Cheers. Rafael

    • Michael E. Gordon

      Hi Rafa: I am planning on being at MPS and look forward to meeting you!

  • Thank you for your kind comments Rafael and Guy. I’m aware that Michael isn’t able to respond to everyone’s comments at the moment but welcomes the feedback

  • Gary Wagner

    Wonderful interview! Great images! Thanks

  • Michael E. Gordon

    Thank you, Michela, for a wonderful interview; thank you, OL, for featuring my work, and thank you, dear readers, for making the time to read this piece. I appreciate your support.

  • Tim Geoghegan

    A beautiful piece and interview with stunning images. Ditto on Chuck Kimmerle’s as a future featured photographer.

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