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End frame: Boreray, St Kilda by Scott Robertson

Alex Wrigley chooses one of his favourite images

Alex Wrigley

Amateur landscape and equine photographer focusing (pun intended) on capturing nature at it's finest.


We live in an age of unparalleled consumerism and gluttony, but the human race's insatiable appetite isn't just limited to the physical. It extends to the digital world as well. We are bombarded with dozens of gorgeous images every day on social media, leaving us always craving the next grand vista or the next moment of magical light.

So when I was contacted by Charlotte from On Landscape to cover one of their End Frame articles I thought choosing an image would be the easy part. How wrong I was. Over a month later I still hadn't made a decision, but it wasn't for the reason you might expect.

Obviously, the choice was overwhelming, but the vast majority of these were images I'd seen in the last few weeks. How could I be sure that these images would stick with me when so many before them hadn't? Very few images these days stick with you, so it takes something truly special to etch itself into your mind.

The one set of images that I kept coming back to in my mind was Scott Robertson's series from Boreray, a small island just north of the incredibly isolated St Kilda archipelago in the Outer Hebrides.

When I say isolated I mean it in the truest sense of the word. St Kilda hasn't been home to a permanent population in almost a hundred years now and it sits over 40 miles away from the rest of the Outer Hebrides. I have never been to the St Kilda archipelago, but thanks to Scott's enormous efforts I feel like I have. 

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