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Scott Robertson

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Michéla Griffith

Michéla Griffith

My images combine an early love of drawing and painting with a long-standing passion for photographing the landscape. An important part of my portfolio continues to be about the interaction between water and light in, but I’m also experimenting with movement on land and even my own progress on foot through the landscape. Website

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Scott Robertson

I'm a 43 year old amateur photographer living and working in the Scottish Highlands with a passion for capturing the stunning landscapes surrounding me. I came quite late to photography so the learning curve was initially very steep but I’m always excited to learn new techniques or approaches to further my photographic journey. Facebook Flickr

Glencoe is one of the UK’s most iconic locations for landscape photography, and by the time you read this, it will be home to our Editor (just in case you hadn’t noticed). Scott Robertson lives nearby - you may have seen his photos of Stob Dearg and Binnein Beag in the 2016 LPoTY competition and book. As well as sharing his passion for the outdoors and photography, Scott has a cautionary note for those tempted to follow in his footsteps.

Would you like to tell readers a little about yourself – your education, early interests and career?

Growing up in the Highlands I was naturally drawn towards outdoor activities. Summer holidays were spent almost exclusively in Glen Nevis swimming, diving and rafting the river. Didn't matter how hot the summer sun was the river was always ice cold but you didn't feel it at that age. The winter months were spent skiing in Glencoe's White Corries and latterly on Aonach Mor's Nevis Range resort. I could have easily taken up 'ski bum' as a full-time occupation.

There was a short but relatively successful spree of rock climbing with friends along with mountain biking which was becoming an established sport. Myself and a close circle of friends spent many days exploring the numerous routes available to us around the Highlands, often with overnight stays in bothies. It was a great place and time to be a teenager, but inevitably there would be the small matter of employment and a career to get in the way.  

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  • scott robertson

    Thank you On Landscape, Tim, Charlotte and Michela for the opportunity. I’ve done a couple of interviews for other publications but this was by far the one I enjoyed working on and composing most.

    • You’re welcome Scott. We’re glad you enjoyed the interview and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing your images in the PDF

  • rupertilkley

    I really enjoyed the interview and the pictures.

    • scott robertson

      Thank you, glad you liked it.

  • Paul Radford

    A man after my own heart – HiFi and Photography. Are you a valves man or solid state?
    Excellent photographs – full of emotion and beautiful lighting. Absolutely captivating.

    • scott robertson

      lol….valves and vinyl now Paul. I saw the light and moved over to the dark side about 7 or 8 years ago. Since then the CD player has done very little. :)

  • NeilMJ

    Fantastic set of images. Moody, mountainous landscapes in winter, can’t beat it!

  • fabrizio marocchini

    Very very impressive, fantastic works!

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