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Charlotte Bellamy, Gaetana Ebbole, Kent Burkhardsmeier & Paulo Valdivia.

Charlotte Bellamy

I am a passionate photographer who will try my hand at any subject, but with a deep love of photographing the landscape. On moving to The Netherlands in 2012 from the UK, I initially developed my landscape photography interests due to my lack of Dutch language skills! My work is now developing with the use of ICM and double exposure techniques inspired by Doug Chinnery, Chris Friel and Valda Bailey. I love the ability to express my creativity through my camera.


Kent Burkhardsmeier

A modest and humble upbringing, surrounded by vast and open landscape — I grew up in North Dakota, USA with beauty emanating from commonplace. Here I developed an appreciation for the simple aspects of life, explored the outdoors, started photographing, and uncovered a passion to travel. College and a successful business career provided opportunities to live in distant lands (Colorado, Florida, Texas, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Italy, and the UK) — always photographing.


Paulo Valdivia

Paulo is a landscape photographer based in Chile. His images explore the intersection between the human condition, subjective reality and the environment.


Gaetana Ebbole

I am new to photography, I am so lucky to now be able to focus on learning and understanding photography. I simply enjoy being finding and composing pictures. I got my first camera with interchangeable lenses last year and have been learning, learning, learning ever since.

Welcome to our 4x4 feature which is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios submitted from our subscribers. Each portfolios consisting of four images related in some way. You can view previous 4x4 portfolios here.

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Charlotte Bellamy

The first sign of spring

Charlotte Bellamy landscape photographer

Gaetana Ebbole

Trees of the Marsh

Gaetana Ebbole Trees of the Marsh 01

Kent Burkhardsmeier

North Dakota Storm

Bismarck, North Dakota

Paulo Valdivia

Discovering Edinburgh’s urban woodlands
Paulo Valdivia 4x4

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