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2 minutes in Northumberland

Mark Naylor

Mark Naylor

I am a pattern maker by trade which requires a certain amount practicality and creativity which is probably why i find photography so gratifying. I was brought up in Sheffield and after getting married and having a son spent 10 years living on the North-West coast of Scotland. I returned to England in 2012 and now live in Derbyshire. I have been practicing photography for about 20 years now, originally with film and darkroom and now digital and film...I still have my 5x4...Love it.

My first inspiration was the late Barry Thornton. His efforts to the technical were astounding and what made me want to take up the challenge and try something a little extra ordinary.

After watching the seminar through this very magazine which was presented by Bruce Percy I visited his website straight away. I was, needless to say; blown away. Muted colours, subtle tones and pristine composition. Now, I know that my offerings are not this but I was inspired to use what I have learned over the years and turn my ideas into vision.

This was a recent (and first) visit to the Northumberland coast. The stunning outcrops and roads which are temporarily consumed by incoming tides begged to be captured in no less than 2 minutes(ish). I have to say that this can be a little unnerving when you try this with the tide still coming in, but alas, tide and time were against me.

These images were produced with the Lee filter and some post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop and this combination enabled me to make photographs that stirred my emotions. My hope is that other people are also stirred, and for some feel the way that I do when I see these colours and tones working together... Or i may be wrong?

Footnote: If you are going to try this; PLEASE, judge it for when the tide is going away from you! Happy shooting.

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