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Hidden Yosemite

Adam Pierzchala

Adam Pierzchala

Now retired, I have more time to enjoy being out with my camera looking for scenes and subjects that pique my interest, especially coastal, woodland and close-ups. Although I still have several rolls of 35mm and MF film in my freezer, I shoot almost exclusively digital now


In late May I had the good fortune if visiting Yosemite for the first time. Of course, I had to make some images of one or two iconic views - why resist temptation when presented with really good lighting conditions - but I also wanted to find cameo scenes that worked well in the conditions I had or subjects that others may have walked by.

Apart from some rather more intimate landscapes, requiring walking perhaps a few hundred metres from the car I also found others that were "hidden in plain view". The four here are a selection of those that took a bit of effort to find and make pictures.


Chiaroscuro: I was very taken by this convoluted tree with its cut-down companion and with a bit of post-processing I tried to bring out the silvery limbs against the dark woods behind.

The Light Beyond

The Light Beyond: I was struggling to get something at Siesta Lake but came across this dark and secluded part of the woods at one end. Walking just a few yards in and crossing a boggy patch suddenly took me a world away from the rest of the group. ICM helps to emphasise the slightly scary feel I had here.

Time and Motion

Time and Motion: The Merced was rushing by while gusty wind shook the dogwoods on the other bank. A Little Stopper helped to bring out the dynamic nature of this cameo scene.


Trees: This was made not far from the Sentinel. I found this fallen tree while walking along the Merced river at El Capitan

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