About Adam Pierzchala

Now retired, I have more time to enjoy being out with my camera looking for scenes and subjects that pique my interest, especially coastal, woodland and close-ups. Although I still have several rolls of 35mm and MF film in my freezer, I shoot almost exclusively digital now


The Larch Ascending

Keep it Still

Frosted Leaves

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Let it Snow!

Familiarity Breeds Content


Dingle Peninsula

My Favourite Image

A Day at the Seaside

Faroese Visions

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Hidden Yosemite

Vision 9 Exhibition Review

Five Days in Glencoe

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Impressions from Greenland

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Looking at trees

Going it Alone on Harris



Naturally Simple


An Iceland Photo Tour

Iceland Landscapes – Daniel Bergmann

Ektar 100 versus Velvia 100F

Simply Beautiful Photographs – National Geographic