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Photography as 'Earth Description'

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish

Professional landscape photographer. His personal website is www.joecornishphotographer.com/

In Joe's previous article (Looking for Landscape Photography), he wrote about a definition of landscape photography as a means to probe his own motivation, curiosity and creativity as a photographer. In this article, Joe looks at one of these genres of landscape photography - the geographic landscape.

One of the great virtues of photography is its ability to stimulate our interest in the subject photographed. Admittedly, a good or great photograph may be more likely to achieve that than an average one. But even so, any well-executed photograph that reveals detail and space, form and shape – the content of a scene – in a moderately interesting way, can be described as geographic.

It was gratifying to discover that the Wikipedia definition of geography provides much evidence to support this assertion, beginning with a translation from Greek: γεωγραφία, geographia, literally "earth description”.

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