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End frame: Glowing Autumn Forest, Virginia by Christopher Burkett

Paul Mitchell chooses one of his favourite images

Paul Mitchell

Paul is a graphic designer and semi-professional photographer based in Buckinghamshire. Amongst his other varied work he finds time to design books and branding for other photographers. He lectures on a regular basis and runs his own landscape workshops. His work has featured many times in the Landscape Photographer of the Year, International Garden Photographer of the Year and Outdoor Photographer of the Year.


To those that know me, it will come as no surprise that my choice for this issue’s end frame is a woodland image. One of my more popular lectures is based around woodland photography, during which I talk about some of my influences. I include some of our classic 19th century English landscape painters such as Gainsborough and Constable.

Amongst my more contemporary influences is the photography of Shinzo Maeda and Christopher Burkett; it is Christopher’s image titled ‘Glowing Autumn Forest, Virginia’ that is my chosen end frame. As well as being a master of woodland photography he is also a consummate printer of his work, still preferring to create stunning Cibachrome prints for many years after its demise.

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