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As the seasons go by

Xavier Arnau Bofarull

Xavier Arnau Bofarull

I am an amateur photographer based on the Taunus Range, a mountain near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. I have no formal training in either art or photography. Since five years I try to improve my skills on Landscape Photography, and as a member of a Photo Club I took part in some Exhibitions.


Last year I had some ideas for a photographic project in Autumn. But things weren't as planned, and I couldn't take pictures.

Suddenly, I realised that I had to wait one more year for taking pictures in Autumn. One more year! So long!

I had a sort of Time Consciousness, the subjective experience of my own mortality, as Rafael Rojas wrote quoting Roland Barthes in his article Time and Photography. In the world we live in, in a year everything is possible, even neither we nor the world itself exist anymore.

But at the end, the Autumn has arrived with his colourful magnificence again, I had the possibility to take pictures, and the world still exists, although sad to say, crazier.

In two or three weeks the Autumn will be gone. And I have taken some pictures.

While I’m sipping an East Frisian tea and looking through the window how Autumn ends, I say: play it again Sam. And Sam, behind me, sings:

You must remember this
A Fall is just a Fall
A shot is just a shot
The fundamental things apply
As seasons go by
~ Free adaptation from Herman Hupfeld

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