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Expressions of Ice

Expressions of Ice

Mihai Fagadar Cosma

Born in Timisoara and living in Antwerp, I'm a landscape and cityscape photographer in love with low-light, long exposure and wide angle photography that sits just beyond the border of what our eyes can see, a feeling I aim to share with my viewers.


Mihai Fagadar Cosma 4x4

Maybe also because the famous Aurora eluded me during my stay, I have found the ice formations of the Icelandic landscape to be one of its most impressive and distinctive features. Captured in various light conditions and locations, this mini series of 4 shots aims to show the diversity of Iceland's ice formations, ranging from the ice blocks washed on the shores of Diamond Beach and up to the majestic ice caves of the Vatnajökull glacier.

Mihai Fagadar - Cosma Sapphire Cave

Mihai Fagadar Cosma Radiant Ice

Mihai Fagadar Cosma - Lift-off

Mihai Fagadar Cosma - Blue Diamonds

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