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Andrea Celli

A childhood spent among the Beech forests of the Casentino Forests left an indelible mark on me. My memories sink into summers spent with my grandparents in these beautiful places and formed my spirit. more

20 Hell Hath No Fury

The End of the Road

My own photographic journey has changed over time, as has my understanding and perception of place. In 2020, when we completed our final workshop commitments to Iceland, having given ourselves 3 years to refocus our photography practice, I realised I was exploring not the landscape itself but the relationship of man with the place more


Theo Bosboom – Back to Iceland

Theo’s book, Iceland Pure sits alongside my copy of the Haaberg’s Iceland in All its Splendour and Hans Strand’s Iceland: Above and Below as my reference sources for images of Iceland’s sublime beauty. more


No more rose-coloured glasses, but still a love affair

I think it is safe to say that Iceland changed my life, both professionally and personally. The possibility to go to Iceland more frequently played a big role in my decision to quit my job as a lawyer and to become a fully time professional photographer in 2013. more

Paul Wakefield

End frame: Iceberg, Fjallsarlon, Iceland by Paul Wakefield

I said at the beginning that this is an image that remains very clearly in my head, and this, in our current world of visual overload, of itself says all that needs to be said about the impact this image has had on me. more


Photographic Projects

The idea of photographic projects, bodies of work that are related through geography, subject matter or ideas, have been promoted by most photography practitioners as a way of developing your vision and making your work more meaningful. more

2_Iceland Judith Kelly

A Sense of Loss

This 4x4 portfolio was triggered by a recent On Landscape podcast discussion in which David Ward stated that Iceland was his choice for ‘currently-free from tourists’ location images and that he and Joe made their first visits there in 1999. more

Mihai Fagadar Cosma - Blue Diamonds

Expressions of Ice

Maybe also because the famous Aurora eluded me during my stay, I have found the ice formations of the Icelandic landscape to be one of its most impressive and distinctive features. more


Daniel Bergmann

That process of finding a composition that works for me can be quite meditative. Mostly different from what I've felt while practising sitting meditation, but in some ways similar. more


Colours of Iceland

I love the strong colours within the landscape, the yellow lichen growing on the hillsides, the fluorescent green of moss growing on wet rocks, the stark contrast between the black lava and the remnants of snow. more


Melt in the Icelandic Highlands

Every year the melt occurs at a different time in the Highlands of Iceland. Depending on the weather and snowfall over the winter the patterns and textures can vary wildly. more


Symphony of Water

The Icelandic south and east coast are varied, stunning, and formidable in its natural formation. I cannot say whether this mini portfolio gives a true image of Iceland, but it is my contention that Iceland can only be witnessed. more


My Favourite Image

The location is Veidivotn, arguably the "Lake District" of Iceland and a truly stunning alien landscape, far removed from what I would expect to see on this planet more


Iceland rock

This 4x4 collection, all from 2018, features different textures of rock found in the Western Fjords of Iceland. more


Island by Hans Strand

I know I’m a critical viewer though and a few people have been impressed with the publication when they’ve dropped by and if you’re a big Hans Strand fan (with equally big pockets and arms) then this is probably a must buy. more


Thomas Fleckenstein

Thomas has lived in Iceland for just over 20 years now and is perfectly placed to share some insights into his adopted home. more


End frame: Sea Mist, Iceland by Tim Rudman

Many excellent photographers have developed compelling bodies of work with Iceland as the sources of their inspiration. But the work I keep returning to is that of the master monochrome printer, Tim Rudman. more


End Frame: Convergence, Iceland by Rafael Rojas

There is just enough space between the receding wave which mirrors the cliff exactly and the cliff to draw you through to explore the rest of the picture but always pulls you back to that point to start again..... Genius. more


Thomas Peck’s Critiques

Colin Westgate’s rather lovely image Island in the Mist is right on the edge of that minimalist/abstract divide. There are perhaps two clear hooks that anchor the picture in reality. more


“Iceland – An Uneasy Calm” by Tim Rudman

In issue 112 we had an interview with Tim Rudman about his Iceland exhibition and book and promised to have a review of the book in the following issue. Hopefully, you’ll forgive us for being a little late on this but the good news is that it’s worth the wait! I think Tim will agree with me if I say he’s something of a perfectionist. And when a perfectionist collides with the world of book publishing, there will undoubtedly be more


Iceland – The Inspiration for the Book

Hans Strand talked at the Meeting of Minds Conference 2014 about the inspiration for his book Iceland. more


Tim Rudman – Iceland Exhibition

Last year I was contacted by Tim Rudman about scanning some darkroom prints for a book project he had in mind. I owned a couple of books by Tim and also had seen some of his work on his website and so was quite intrigued by the project. more


Iceland from above

In 1995, during my first visit to Iceland, I discovered a book with aerial photographs of Iceland by German photographer Klaus Francke. I was blown away by the colours and the complexity of the Icelandic landscape. more


Above and Below by Hans Strand

The key to the success of Hans' pictures are their beautifully balanced compositions. more


A Return to Iceland

I think it’s fair to say that Iceland has become a bit of a cliche for photographers. No matter where you look online there seems to be someone returning with pictures of clear ice on black sand, moss covered boulders and, in winter at least, swathes of “green shit in the sky”. Even two years ago when I visited with Joe Cornish to shoot the promotional videos for Phase One (one, two and three) I felt more


Wild Waters, Wetlands & Ice

In June, lots of snow is still left in the highlands. From the air you can see patterns of colourful rhyolite mountains mixed with snow stained by volcanic ash. more



There is a prevailing sense that Iceland has been 'over-exposed' in recent months and I may well have been guilty of jumping on that particular bandwagon when I booked a workshop there at the end of February (led by David Ward and local Icelandic photographer, Daniel Bergmann). But I'm not going to apologise! It was my first visit to Iceland and after the first three days of depressingly incessant drizzle and grey mist (at around 6 degrees it was unseasonably more


“I used to want to go to Iceland”

However you react to a photograph after a period of time, you will take in the whole image and have some kind of reaction to it. more


Dave Does Digital

The big question is, I guess, will I be swapping to a DSLR and T/S lenses. The short answer is not entirely. But I may well be tempted to shoot certain subjects. more



Iceland is a land being torn apart. Straddling the mid-Atlantic ridge, the divide between two tectonic plates being forced asunder, its volcanic landscape is growing by centimetres every day. Unlike Scotland, which has some of the oldest geology on earth, Iceland, only 500 miles north west has some of the youngest. It is a land where fire meets ice, and heat meets arctic cold; in places it feels primordial like a protoplanet in a new solar system. Active volcanoes more


An Iceland Photo Tour

The Gullfoss waterfall has a massive flow of 109 cu m of water per second, a challenging subject because the usual viewpoints are rather restricted... more


Iceland Landscapes – Daniel Bergmann

Book design by Bergman, it is very well thought through with excellent photography. Foreword by Pall Asgeir Asgeirsson and an introduction by David Ward more

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