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Charles Nyst, Graeme Fielden, John Richardson & Judith Kelly

Charles Nyst

I was born in Eindhoven in 1953. My father was an anaesthesiologist, one of the first in the Netherlands. In the end I decided to follow in his footsteps. A very beautiful profession, taking care of people in sometimes very demanding situations, easing their pain and sorrow, stabilising circulation, respiration and nervous system. Since 1988 living in Alkmaar (North-Holland north) and on a pension since January, having more time and ease of mind, can choose to go out and photographing.

Graeme Fielden

I am a 55 year old amateur photographer living in Rochdale on the outskirts of Manchester. Whilst I have a passion for landscapes, I would describe myself as a “Path Photographer” who enjoys taking photographs of anything that I see in my day to day path of Life.


John Richardson

I am a keen amateur photographer based in Assynt in the north west Highlands of Scotland. I have a passion for the outdoors and when not working, I enjoy spending as much time as possible exploring the wild landscapes and seascapes of my local area and beyond. I work in both colour and monochrome and I have recently returned to shooting with a film camera.


Judith Kelly

I enjoy being outdoors with my camera (I have upgraded!), especially at home in the moors and dales, also mountains and coast, where I enjoy seeing both the wide and small of landscapes. I sometimes create digital art from my landscape images when I can’t get out, as recently. I have shown work in a few local exhibitions, even selling a few prints


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Charles Nyst

Tulips from Holland

Charles Nyst 4x4

Graeme Fielden

Landscapes of Rochdale

John Richardson

The Curve

John Richardson 4x4

Judith Kelly

A Sense of Loss

Judith Kelly 4x4

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