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4×4 Landscape Portfolios

Our 4x4 feature is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios submitted by: Andreas Brink, Bob Wielaard, Jens Rosbach & Phil Lewenthal. more


Light from Within

Since 2018 I have spent much time walking the rocky coastal bluff trails at Sea Ranch, California and other parts of Sonoma county. more

Black Ice

Fragile Paradise

As polar landscapes, white, black, and blue colors are dominant, and many motifs are also characterized by monochrome simplicity. Minimalism lets vacancies arise, which offers a range for the imagination. more


An unexpected photographic pilgrimage

Urged by the humanist Petrarch, I climbed Mont Ventoux. Yet the goal turned out not to be the top. It was the mystery of the descent, wandering through unruly earthly 'materiality', past uncanny caves through unknown seclusion, ending in deep twilight more

Andreas Brink 04

My Two Windows Views

When not in Italy, I spend most of my time on the beautiful island of Öland in Sweden. In contrast to the mountains, this is a completely flat area. more


4×4 Landscape Portfolios

Our 4x4 feature is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios submitted by: Chenxi Che, David Driman, Jeremy Henderson & Judy Cochand more

Sossusvlei Judy Cochand 3

The Majestic Trees of Deadvlei

Recently, I had the joyous experience of driving across Namibia with a group for friends. I piloted the 'girl car' through the rough and ready roads of the Namib Desert. The landscape is harsh, hot and desperately beautiful. One of my key destinations was the dried up salt pan of Sossusvlei, where the dead trees still stand after they were cut off from water by the dunes more


Stories Written in Stone

As a geologist and photographer it was inevitable that I'd take photographs of rocks. This group of "intimate landscapes" were taken near my home on the Northumberland coast in the UK more


On Human Landscape

While I typically enjoy street and landscape photography, every now and then, while looking down my microscope at someone’s biopsy or operative surgical resection, I will be struck by the beauty of the human tissue. more

Mg 2269

Layered landscape

In nature, we rarely encounter uniform patterns on a large scale, but by using a telephoto lens, we can subtract unwanted elements from the scene and thus magnify subtle patterns or shapes more

Rockpool Colours

4×4 Landscape Portfolio

Our 4x4 feature is a set of four mini landscape photography portfolios submitted by: Adam Fortune, Goran Prvulovic, Jan Glover & Vidya Kane more

Rock Art 2

Rock Art

California’s Pacific Coast is replete with photographic opportunities ranging from dramatic bluffs to sea stacks, craggy rocks, piers and tafoni. more

Pink Ripples


There are many secrets to be found on the rock platforms on the beaches close to Sydney (Australia). There are special places where the rocks are glorious colours – blue, green, yellow, orange and red. more

Waves Part 1 Water Explosions 1

Over the Waves

I do like watching the waves. It is relaxing and always exciting and unpredictable. Usually, I can spend hours trying to figure out or predict the next move and the next splash. more


In the Wood

I started making more abstract landscape images in 2021. National lockdown rules confined me to my local park. more

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