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End frame: Toward Los Angeles, CA by Dorothea Lange

Manuel Cicchetti chooses one of his favourite images

Manuel Cicchetti 

Manuel was born at the end of the 1960s and as a young boy he started taking pictures for passion, then as a job during University. At the beginning of the 90s he started working in the music industry for BMG, EMI and CNI companies designing some of their album covers.

Since 2001 he has followed the development of the foundation La Nuova Musica – Ricordi Music School, which today is one of the most important music educational realities in Italy and Europe. In 2011 he established the publishing house The Music Company and from 2014 he has got back to his roots and first love: photography.


The essence of our work.

Striving for essence, for the deepest point of our work, is a topic which has always fascinated me, and which has bolstered my commitment and my determination.

I chose this image for various reasons. Among them, what anyone will agree on is the greatness of photographer Dorothea Lange (1865–1965). This photograph was taken in March 1937, and is titled "Toward Los Angeles, CA". The historical context is the end of the Great American Depression, which started in 1929 and was challenged by the great economic plan named New Deal (1933–1938) enacted by the American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Leaving the context aside and focusing on the image, what stands out is its framing, the quest for proportion and the strong leading lines, which lead the viewer to correctly interpret the message which the photographer decided to "write" on the negative.

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