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Colours of Summer

Uniform. Predictable. Boring... Or so I thought.

Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish

Professional landscape photographer.


Kodachrome, They give us those nice bright colors They give us the greens of summers Makes you think all the world's a sunny day I got a Nikon camera I love to take a photograph So mama don't take my Kodachrome away Paul Simon
Joe Cornish Aireyholme Lane Wood

Aireyholme Lane Wood
At the entrance to a wood I know and love, it is the ivy on the young trees here that always catches my eye. The serpentine stems of ivy slowly strangling its host and slightly menacing, epitomises wildwood for me.

Paul Simon’s immortal lyrics reflect the near-universal cultural positivity around the summer months for (almost) everyone.

For perhaps twenty years I tried to avoid the greens of summer like the proverbial chromatic plague. July in particular was a month when any energy I had left in our eighteen hours or so of daylight was devoted to coastal photography.
Everyone loves the long hot summer days, the short, warm nights, the bright greens of summer…everyone it seems, except grumpy old landscape photographers!

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