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End frame: Fruit Trees, Laimbach, 2010 by Bernhard Fuchs

Marcelo Fiuza chooses one of his favourite images

Marcelo Fiuza

Marcelo Fiuza was born in 1987, Friedrichshafen. From 2009 to 2012 he studied Art History and Philosophy at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich and subsequently completed an MA in Photography at Plymouth University, under the tutelage of professor Jem Southam. He currently lives and works in Munich, where he is working on his next projects.


Today’s end frame photograph was taken in 2010 by Bernhard Fuchs in Laimbach, Austria. The picture is simply called “fruit trees”.

The scene shows approximately fifteen different fruit trees in a snowy morning landscape. The trees stand like dancing black sculptures in the white snow, whilst in the background to the left, we can see a pine forest on a hill gently fading away into the horizon. There in the distance, the sun seems to be rising up, covering the white landscape with an orange light that gets entangled by the countless branches of the trees at the top of the image. Looking closer at the picture you can see little erratic footprints between some of the trees.

This photograph is part of Bernhard Fuchs Farms-Series (published in 2011 by Walther König). In this body of work, the artist took pictures of farms and their surroundings in the rural community of Helfenberg in Upper Austria.

Fuchs (born 1972) grew up in the area but later studied photography at the academy of arts Düsseldorf and later at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. He spends most of the year in Germany, yet his entire artistic activity revolves around the area of his childhood and youth, the Mühlviertel. His photographic engagement with the area dates back to 1994 and is still ongoing. So far he has created 7 distinct bodies of works that were also published.

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