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Jerry Greer – Portrait of a Photographer

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Matt Payne

Matt Payne is a mountain climber, adventurer, and fine art nature and landscape photographer specialising in unique and hard-to-reach locations and subjects, including the highest mountains in Colorado. Matt has climbed the highest 100 mountains in Colorado which is where his love for landscape photography began. Matt produces a podcast dedicated to that love affair called F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Matt's goal for the podcast is to create a space to have meaningful conversations with other landscape photographers all over the world.Matt also follows a very strict code of ethics as a nature photographer. 


I first learned about Jerry Greer when he was a guest on my podcast in January of 2020. I was immediately struck by Jerry’s enthusiasm for the craft of photography and his slight yet endearing southern drawl which immediately captivated me. I quickly learned that Jerry’s energy and exuberance in verbal discourse are not easily matched except by his passion and excitement for photography. Jerry’s been involved in photography for many years, and most recently he has returned to his roots by transitioning back to using 4x5 film to capture his subjects. Jerry also has devoted several years mastering the craft of fine art photography bookmaking and has created his own publishing company, Mountain Trail Press, where he has published over 170 books for photographers all over the world.

Copper Creek, Scott County, Virginia

Copper Creek, Scott County, Virginia

Like many photographers who came of age in the 1990s, he became disillusioned by the state of and the direction of the photography industry.

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