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Jackson Frishman – Portrait of a Photographer

Geology and natural processes as a creative guide

Matt Payne

Matt Payne is a mountain climber, adventurer, and fine art nature and landscape photographer specialising in unique and hard-to-reach locations and subjects, including the highest mountains in Colorado. Matt has climbed the highest 100 mountains in Colorado which is where his love for landscape photography began. Matt produces a podcast dedicated to that love affair called F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Matt's goal for the podcast is to create a space to have meaningful conversations with other landscape photographers all over the world.Matt also follows a very strict code of ethics as a nature photographer. 


Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of being introduced time and time again to the excellent photographic artwork of Jackson Frishman, as he’s been recommended to me by so many excellent former guests of my podcast, including Sarah Marino & Ron Coscorossa. There are several interesting themes that I’ve been able to piece together over the years regarding Jackson and his work that have always intrigued me and so I strongly believe he is a great subject for this column. For starters, Jackson’s photography very much mirrors his personality – it is understated, quiet, unique, and lastly, tasteful in a time where brazen and flashy landscape photography is in vogue. Jackson’s subdued approach to photography is steady as he’s been on this path for many, many years.

Shield Glow Onlandscape 2048

He employs a much quieter style, and he has remained true to this goal as an artist throughout his journey.

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