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End frame: Submergence by Joe Cornish

Marc Hermans chooses one of his favourite images

Marc Herman

Marc Hermans

Landscape photographer, living in The Netherlands.


It’s 2006 and I’m visiting my dear friend Mark Broadwith, who then lived in the Yorkshire Dales. Mark is trained and licensed by the RPS and he works as a portrait and wedding photographer. He has helped me take the initial steps to become a better photographer and then offered a suggestion that turned out to be life changing: “There’s this guy who owns a gallery in Northallerton, a certain Joe Cornish. You should have a look. And don’t forget there are a few prints exhibited in the café at Barkers as well.”

Seeing a few of Joe’s photographs on the computer screen had already informed me I’d be in for a treat, but nothing really could have prepared me for the experience of seeing and experiencing those beautiful prints in reality. Right there and then I knew that instead of a holiday pastime every time I’m in the UK, landscape photography would be a significant part of my life.

Ever since, I have been visiting the gallery whenever possible, taking a printing masterclass tutored by Joe, and buying a lot of landscape photography books. It’s my main way to enjoy landscape photography. After all, there’s only so many prints one can put on the wall before needing marriage counselling… Still, the thought of acquiring some prints of photographers I admire has never left me. The only problem was which to choose.

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