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Peter Roworth

Peter Roworth

Peter Roworth

My photography is project-driven and is now mostly digital, but I still dabble in film, using a Hasselblad Xpan ll. I like to think 'outside the box' so the subject of the photographs in this portfolio is not immediately obvious; I leave the viewer to look into each image and let their imagination wander.

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I am now retired from a working life in nature conservation as a reserve warden in various locations across Great Britain. I always used a camera as part of my work, specialising in the photography of wildflowers, habitat management and the landscape of nature reserves.

Photographs were used to illustrate talks, for promotional literature and in articles and books Including several books for Halsgrove Publishing which I have co-authored with my wife. Recently I have self-published the following titles in Bob Books UK:  Panoramic Photography, Images in a Second World War Pillbox, Old Tractors of the Outer Hebrides and Imagination.

Keith Beven’s article The Intimate Panorama, On Landscape, issue 250 inspired me to submit this folio.

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