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Cloud Allusions 5

Cloud Allusions

In this series of three articles, my intention is to examine some ideas about the practise of landscape photography in the light of the teachings of Zen Buddhism. more

Cherokee Autumn Forest

End frame: Cherokee Autumn Forest by Christopher Burkett

Burkett masterfully arranges the colourful leaves and contrasting lines of the tree trunks and branches, evoking the harmony rather than the chaos that often exists in nature. more

Bridelveil Fall Winter Into Spring

End frame: Bridalveil Fall Winter into Spring by Charlotte Gibb

This photograph by Charlotte Gibb has been amongst my very favourite images for quite some time now. It is obviously a photograph of a well-known waterfall in the iconic Yosemite National Park, a place that has been photographed over and over again by so many, including of course, the unforgettable Ansel Adams. The reason why I chose this image as a favourite is because Charlotte has managed to make a photograph of an iconic spot that more

Isabel Díez 14

Isabel Díez

Water has been present in my photographic work from the beginning, but it is becoming increasingly important. Fluidity gives me peace. more

Ep Pic Cover Twilight Canyon, Glen Canyon, Utah

End Frame: Twilight Canyon, Glen Canyon, Utah, by Eliot Porter

These issues are once again gaining great importance with global warming and climate change, a long multi-year drought lowering the lake to critical levels, and the lake silting up more

River Irfon Ice Mid Wales Elan Valley (hop)

Photography and the Arc of Human Progress

The last 20 years have seen more change to photography than the 150 years prior, and, with no sign of advancement slowing down, the next ten will yield just as much change as the last 20, and so on and so forth. more

006417 01

Frans Lanting

I've always been drawn to different schools of interpreting a natural world outside of the boundaries of photography, whether it is rock art, whether it is painting schools ranging from impressionism to expressionism. more


David Tatnall

As for motivation, being able to say something about our fragile environment by making a photograph and it having an impact and meaning is it. more


William Neill – “Light on the Landscape”

If you ever think “what would Ansel Adam’s work be like if he’d taken up colour photography instead of black and white?” then the answer is, depressingly, pretty bad as his short trial of early colour film goes to show. If he’d used colour film from a young age and developed his craft I don’t think he would have been too far from what we see from William Neill. more


End frame: Tenaya Creek, Dogwoods by Ansel Adams

I’ve always been inspired by Ansel Adams’ work, not just because he was a great photographer, but also because he was a great conservationist, and that combination really resonates with me. more


Endframe: “Maple and Birch Trunk & Oak Leaves” by Eliot Porter

Almost all the other photographs were obvious subjects – mountains, rivers, etc – photographed in more or less bombastic style. This was a more subtle shot; small trees in a dense woodland arranged all on top of each other in the middle of the frame. more


Deborah Hughes

This issue we're interviewing Deborah Hughs, a photographer from La Sal, Utah (Near Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Hovenweep and Natural Bridges National Monuments). Deborah is retired but is still busy with her garden, grandchildren, representing local charities and of course photography. Can you tell me a little about your education, childhood passions, early exposure to photography and vocation? My passion for photography has traveled a circuitous route. Growing up, my mother's brownie and my father's 8mm movie more


End Frame – Near Stonehenge by Charlie Waite

Is this my all time favourite image? No. A single image can never be ‘the best’ because every image we like offers us a variety of different emotions and visual delight. more


Indecisive? Moi?!

I've read a small amount about Ansel Adams over the last few years and he has always come across as the master technician of landscape photography. His teaching of the Zone System and his considered 5x4 and 10x8 work was an aspirational example of the master craftsman personified. So it was with a small amount of relief that I read an article about the making of "Moon and Half Dome, Yosemite" and discovered that he wasn't quite the perfectionist more


End Frame – Early Morning, Merced River by Ansel Adams

When asked if I'd be interested in writing an End Frame article, two favourite landscape images immediately came to mind. Of the two, one I've only become aware of relatively recently (although the image itself is much older), but the other I've known for what must be around twenty years now (although again the image is much older), so I decided it really had to be this image that I write about. So, in the genre of landscape photography, Ansel more


Photography and the World of Books – a Talk by Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish spoke of his early influences including Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and John Blakemore, important for their photography and their way of thinking. more


Natural Affinities – Georgia O’Keeffe and Ansel Adams

Whilst there is an undoubted link between painting and photography, there are very few books combining landscape photography with landscape painting. more


Minor White

Some photographers have an extended influence far beyond their public notoriety. Minor White epitomises these individuals. His work in analysing and teaching photography created a whole host of ‘followers’ and in some cases ‘acolytes’ and his writing still inspires today, but a lot of people don’t know his photography (or may be put off by his proclivities) which is a real shame. Hopefully this short biography will help as more


Wilderness and the Mind of the Photographer

But does wilderness really exist or is it just in the mind of the photographer, who goes all starry eyed at the mention of the word?This article is written in response to that by Julian Barkway on Beauty, which had a wilderness connection, and as a result of Joe Cornish’s report from the great wilderness trek in NW Scotland. His book Scotland’s Mountains could be regarded as a homage more


Peter Dombrovskis

I found out about Peter Dombrovskis when I was on a large format photography course with Joe Cornish and David Ward. more


Light and Land – Michael Frye

Michael Frye may be known as the 'Coloured Cactus' man by those of you who have only seen him in the "World's Top Photographers : Landscape" book more


Digital Landscape Photography – Michael Frye

The book stores are full of ‘guides to digital photography’, promising much but delivering little of real value. more


Eliot Porter

Eliot Porter, born in 1901; the beginning of a century that would transform photography. more

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