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End frame: Tidal Pool #5 by Marianthi Lainas

Przemyslaw Ziemacki chooses one of his favourite images

Przemysław Ziemacki

Przemyslaw Ziemacki

Przemyslaw Ziemacki is a nature photographer and journalist from Klodzko, Poland. He takes landscape as well as wildlife and details photographs. He works mainly in his home area but also has traveled around Europe, especially to take photographs around the Baltic Sea. Three of his photography projects – “Night”, “Seagulls at twilight” and “Quanta of rose and snow” – incorporate artificial light in nature photography.


When I saw this photograph by Marianthi, my first thought was that I was not sure if I was looking at the sea, but I definitely felt it. I really felt that the photograph titled “Tidal Pool #5” shows the sea, but I have decided not to ask Marianthi but to leave it to my imagination.

I was neither sure about what exactly was in front of her camera nor if she used multiple exposure. What one can be sure of is her photograph is very sea-like. Oceans and seas (probably most great lakes, too) are strongly connected with blue colour in human brains. It is not just one blue but the full spectrum from pale blue to deep navy blue.

Even if sometimes some shallows are green or brown, they are still a part of something bigger which remains blue. It is not only this range of blue but a sense of wind added that makes the white stripes on a blue background. All this playing with blue I can find as a key element of the Marianthi’s photograph. Moreover, the way the layers of blue shades compose with each other reminds me of traces which waves leave on a beach.

While most people know the sea well, the view is left asking - where was it taken – is it a view from a beach? Is there any better place to take a walk and dream a bit than a narrow strip of sand with safe land on one hand, endless water on the other and a fresh breeze on the face? When I think about seascape, I usually mean beachscape. A psychiatrist could say that one of the reasons I enjoy this photograph so much is because I find my comfortable environment in it. However, “Tidal Pool #5“ gives something more, and it is also very sea-like.

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