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Why We Do It

We’re thinkers. Philosophers. Protectors of nature.

Jason Pettit

Jason Pettit

I’m a nature photographer residing in, and inspired by my home, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.

My photography is a direct extension and reflection of my own life experience. I strive to create an emotional equivalence between the human experience, and nature's subtleties and splendours.

Through my work I want to convey a simple and powerful message - there is more to nature than what is viewed on the surface. We can discover deep metaphors that are mirrors into ourselves, as well as conduits to a deeper understanding of the world around us.


A Vision In Verticals
We come from all walks of life. Photography has distanced itself from the trappings of class and has welcomed all comers. Regardless if we use a Phase One or just a cell phone, our true image sensor is our imagination. We have this in common; we can see things beyond just the literal and discern their deeper meanings. And, if we’re lucky, perhaps translate that greater importance that we sense into a physical form we can share with others.

We aren’t photographers. We’re thinkers. Philosophers. Protectors of nature.

We have a passion to see and share our sight with others in the hopes, if nothing else, to have just one person understand. But, even if we don’t, we still achieve it for ourselves.

We have a communal desire to get out into nature, tread lightly, and think hard. To sit and ponder, or sometimes to have no thoughts at all, surrounded by beauty and solitude. Could this be the pinnacle of human existence? We think so.

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