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Out of Darkness – Book Review

Alister Benn is Scottish by birth and has lived in the Highlands of Scotland for quite some time. Firstly on the Isle of Skye and latterly in mainland Lochaber. And yet his first book is a deep dive project into the remote Gobi desert in Northern China. more

The Lightness Of Being

Astrid Preisz

Nothing in this world is the same twice, and I began to realise that my images could be what they needed to be, and that they followed who I was at a particular moment in a particular place and time. Inwardly, I stopped more and more calling myself a landscape photographer or a nature photographer or even a photographer or an artist. more

Guy Tal - Staying Inspired 7

On Staying Inspired

Even in my darkest and most anxious times, whether prompted by world events or by abnormal brain activity. I go out, even if it takes some effort, and I make whatever I’m experiencing. more

Metamorphosis - Alister Benn

End frame: Metamorphosis by Alister Benn

There have been many favourite influential images for me over the years. One I remain enamoured with, as much today as the first moment I saw it, is Metamorphosis by Alister Benn. more


Michel Lucas

I am drawn to the vision & words of Jack Dykinga about contemporary landscape photography. In one of his recent interviews, he pleads for so-called ‘whispering images. more

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