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On The Edge

Solitude, Socialisation & Collaboration

I know that there will always be days when that feeling of isolation will visit me and will fill me with sadness, anxiety, and possibly temporary depression. That is simply the way it is, and the challenge is to manage and minimise those occasions in whatever way possible. more

The Lightness Of Being

Astrid Preisz

Nothing in this world is the same twice, and I began to realise that my images could be what they needed to be, and that they followed who I was at a particular moment in a particular place and time. Inwardly, I stopped more and more calling myself a landscape photographer or a nature photographer or even a photographer or an artist. more

Out Of Darkness 1500 43

Out of Darkness

How can you express the pain you feel in a landscape photograph if society insists that it has to be pretty, balanced and fits their definition of acceptable? more

Greg Piazza Blue Dune Waves

Blue Period

I have enjoyed my time capturing these images and in sitting with them to listen to their stories. As I continue to visit new landscapes, I will keep these scenes in mind to appreciate the world we have and the beauty they bring to our lives. more


The Trees in my Photographs

This ethereal vision, the muffled sound of autumn and raindrops, of the wind in the leaves, gave off a sense of absolute peace, the same feeling that I constantly look for in my photographic experiences, among the same landscapes projected in this reality. more

Guy Tal - Staying Inspired 7

On Staying Inspired

Even in my darkest and most anxious times, whether prompted by world events or by abnormal brain activity. I go out, even if it takes some effort, and I make whatever I’m experiencing. more


The restorative effects of landscape photography

For so many landscape photographers, there is a reverence for nature that is reflected in our images. The natural world provides relief from the burdens of everyday life, with studies showing that time spent in nature has a measurable positive effect on our stress levels and state of mind. more

Guy Tal ~ The Humanless Condition 2

The Humanless Condition

For an introvert, it is likely that the quality and experience of photography may be impeded by the not-uncommon tendency to practice photography in groups, or in places where escaping the presence, chatter, and behaviour of others is difficult. more


Happiness, Creativity and Photography

I found some consolation in the knowledge that some well respected artists and thinkers also did not consider happiness as particularly important. more


Dipping into the Landscape

I came upon landscape via a circuitous route. My main career for 25 years was as an author of young adult and children’s books including an eco-thriller titled Ravenwood with mile high trees and leaves the size of a human. The rights were bought by the publisher who signed J.K.Rowling and sold to 15 countries. I thought I had arrived. However, with each book in the series being 100k words, and with re-writes 250k, the virtual eco-system with its more


A Field, A Lane, A Wood

A recent self help trend for those suffering stress has been mindfulness. A method where by concentrating and focusing all of your attention in on yourself and the process of breathing and other bodily sensations you are able to fully relax by blocking out negative thought. If you can take the time to assess exactly how you are feeling as you make images you should find, as I do, that you will have entered a very similar state. more


Marc Elliott

Landscapes, natural beauty, an appreciation for the elements, have grown up beside for as long as I can remember. more


Landscape photography saved my life!

I’ve run the picture operation at The Times for about 8 years, the pressure of searching 12,000+ images daily, seeking the ever elusive front page, is huge. more

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