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The Thing Itself Updated 8

The Thing Itself

Edward Weston’s thoughts on photography are peppered throughout his Daybooks (journals predominantly covering the period 1922-1934). more

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Frans Lanting

I've always been drawn to different schools of interpreting a natural world outside of the boundaries of photography, whether it is rock art, whether it is painting schools ranging from impressionism to expressionism. more

Guy Tal Colour As Form 2

Colour as Form

Kodachrome, introduced in 1935, was the first colour film to be mass-marketed successfully. Although Kodachrome quickly became popular with hobbyists and commercial photographers, so-called “fine-art photographers” have initially shunned the use of colour, and many have expressed derisive views of colour photography. more


End Frame – Near Stonehenge by Charlie Waite

Is this my all time favourite image? No. A single image can never be ‘the best’ because every image we like offers us a variety of different emotions and visual delight. more


Photography and the World of Books – a Talk by Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish spoke of his early influences including Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and John Blakemore, important for their photography and their way of thinking. more


Peter Dombrovskis

I found out about Peter Dombrovskis when I was on a large format photography course with Joe Cornish and David Ward. more


The Photographer’s Place

A couple of weeks ago I went on a workshop, a workshop that continues a series that started in the early 1980s more

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