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6)janet Tavener Tongue Of Fire 90x90cm 2018

Janet Tavener

I was drawn to Janet’s images by their fluid beauty but they may challenge you to think about your own definition of photographic genre, for all that we do is interconnected and our path into revelation may be our own life experiences. more


Natural Landscape Photography Awards Book

My last few weeks of 2021 were spent immersed in the world of photography books. And, for a change, I wasn’t looking at other people’s books but designing one of my own. more


First Light Inspired Exhibition

Launching on 4th March, our 'First Light' inspired Exhibition at Joe Cornish Gallery with images from Harvey Lloyd-Thomas, Beata Moore, Julian Calverley, Matt Lethbridge & Baxter Bradford. more


Endframe: Contours in Blue by Joe Cornish

The picture is primarily wave-worn undulating grey limestone rock, with some pebbles and small pools of sea water that are in the process of drying out. And yet what we see is definitely not it what it says on the tin’s list of contents. more


First Light – Joe Cornish

I first read Joe Cornish’s First Light about 7 years ago and it had a dramatic effect on my photography. First Light is not - as you might think - about the light first thing in the morning but about the light coming first. This could be first thing in the morning or the evening or infact any time of the day, but what is important is the quality of the light. The book is split into 7 chapters more


Photography and the World of Books – a Talk by Joe Cornish

Joe Cornish spoke of his early influences including Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and John Blakemore, important for their photography and their way of thinking. more


Galen Rowell

Had he lived, Galen Rowell would by now be 70 years old. That his name still resonates down the years says much for the power of his art. more


Hindsight – Hardcastle Crags

‘Hindsight’ screencasts - we review a picture that works well, a picture from the same session that didn’t quite make the grade and a shot that was archived. more

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