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The Lightness Of Being

Astrid Preisz

Nothing in this world is the same twice, and I began to realise that my images could be what they needed to be, and that they followed who I was at a particular moment in a particular place and time. Inwardly, I stopped more and more calling myself a landscape photographer or a nature photographer or even a photographer or an artist. more


End frame: Winter Morning by Theo Bosboom

At first glance, there’s not much happening in the bottom half of the frame, but it’s a wealth of fine texture and colour nuances, bringing a subtle line up from bottom left towards top right that meets the curve of snow crust. more

Theo Bosboom - Tidal Creek Schiermonnikoog_

End frame: Tidal Creek at Schiermonnikoog by Theo Bosboom

I would recommend everyone to go through the process of choosing a single 'end frame' image. It turns out to be an excellent, almost cathartic, exercise of reflection. more


“Shaped by the Sea” Book Review

The project can be summarised as covering the tidal zone of Europe’s Western coastline. Theo humbly says “It was never my intention to cover Europe’s entire Atlantic coast” as if this was perhaps a passing thought, discarded at the last minute. more

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