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Namnlöst 1 Redigera

Zen and the art of photography

We learn that frustration is caused by desire. It's easy to agree with this wise statement. Perhaps it’s so simple that desire drives us to create pictures which we believe will be successful. more

Blurred Water, Gérine, Switzerland, 2022

Do you really need a philosophy for your photography?

Do you really need a philosophy for your photography? Clearly not! We take photos all the time for all sorts of reasons, sometimes thinking about our technique but almost always without thinking about any philosophical implications. more

Iveta Lazdina Small Pleasures.jpg Iveta Is Influenced As An Artist By The Places She Visits And The Emotions The Experience Evokes. She Works In Combination With Icm And Layering

Abstract Rhythm and Blue Notes

The Abstract Rhythm And Blue Notes Exhibition at the Horsebridge Arts Centre is a celebration of photo expressionism taking place in Whitstable, Kent, from 16-28th November 2022. more

Eden At Shoregill Mallerstang 1

Heraclitus and Panta Rhei – Everything Flows

Panta Rhei, translated as Everything Flows, is an aphorism that is often used as a short summary of the concepts of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus, more

9.delicate Meadow Rue

Jocelyn Horsfall

Impermanence, imperfection and decay will always provide visual opportunities but are just one part of Nature’s story. more


Why Monochrome?

By working without the distraction of emotional colours I am freer to abstract the raw elements of the photograph and to steer them into my own framework of the emotions that I wish to communicate and share. more


Oriental Philosophy & Photography

Art and philosophy are tightly intertwined. Contrary to science, where we try to find answers to questions, art and philosophy look for more questions. Finding the answers to these questions might be a welcome result, but the importance is the questioning process itself rather than the answers. more


Johsel Namkung – A Retrospective

The style, reminiscent of Eliot Porter but with echos of Harry Callahan in his abstract work, is one of considered detail. This are the illustrations to the never published Zen and the Art of Landscape Photography. more

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